Toilets of the World


August - 25 - 2009 - Tuesday

Author Morna E. Gregory and photographer Sian James of the book Toilets of the World in Ephesus, Turkey.

Author Morna E. Gregory and photographer Sian James of the book Toilets of the World in Ephesus, Turkey.

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About the Authors

Sian and Morna first met at a horse riding stable in Alberta, where they worked together shovelling horse manure. Now, twenty years later, they find themselves in an ironically similar profession.

Morna E. Gregory is a freelance writer based in Vancouver. After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, Morna spent eight years in Brussels, Belgium, with her world champion canaries and Canadian goldfish. When she’s not scouring remote corners of the world in search of toilets, Morna enjoys fly-fishing and painting.

Sian James is a freelance photographer based in Vancouver. Sian graduated from the University of Plymouth in the UK with a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in photomedia and design communication, and is a member of of the British Institute of Professional Photographers. Whenever toilets cease to beckon, Sian can be found downhill skiing or scuba-diving in exotic locations.


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This hugely entertaining tour of toilets around the globe is a source of endless fascination and amusement. From a high-tech cubicle that rises out of the ground in central London to a rickety hut on stilts over the Caribbean, from a toilet in Bolivia carved out of a giant cactus to a solid gold WC in Hong Kong, Toilets of the World provides an irresistible journey around washrooms worldwide.

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